The Safe Boater Exam

The Safe Boater™ Training Course and Exam Complete Your Boat Safety Exam Online Today

Any operator of a pleasure craft caught without proof of competency will receive the $250 fine - No Exceptions.

Transport Canada has introduced new mandatory training and certification requirements for boating in Canada. Everyone must pass the Boater Exam®!

The Safe Boater˜™ Training Course was established in 1999 in response to federal legislation requiring all persons operating a boat in Canada, to have licensed certification.

All boat operators in Canada must carry the boater license that proves they have been certified. The Pleasure Craft Operators Cards are valid for life.
Pleasure Craft Operator Card

The Safe Boater™ Team consists of over 200 representatives and test centers across Canada. Highest quality boating safety manuals, materials, courses and testing - are all part of The Safe Boater™ course. Boaters can take direct instructional courses offered by The Safe Boater˜™, or experienced boaters can 'challenge' the boating test online (via

The fastest and easiest method of obtaining boat operation certification is to write the Transport Canada boat exam online. A special section within our website is dedicated to this multiple choice test to obtain your boat license.

We are dedicated to helping safe-minded boaters obtain the required knowledge and documentation required to operate a vessel, boat, or pleasure craft on waterways in Canada.

Pleasure craft operator card licensing Age and Horsepower restrictions:

  • Operators under the age of 12 and not directly supervised by an adult can operate a Pleasure Craft with no greater than 10 hp
  • Operators 12 years of age and over, but under 16 years of age and not directly supervised by an adult can operate a Pleasure Craft with no greater than 40 hp
  • Operators 16 years of age and over have no restrictions

While the dictionary defines "Vessel" as a craft, Transport Canada wants us to clarify what is meant by this word. We mean small vessel, water craft used for pleasure, personal watercraft, ark, powered gondola or powered kayak, sailboat with power, argosy, motorboat, skiff - or we could just say - boat.