2.8 Other Equipment

Emergency Kit

It is recommended practice to also have an Emergency Kit on board that is kept in a waterproof container.

Like the rest of your safety equipment, it should be easily accessible; you and your guests should know where it is and you should know what is in it and how to use the contents.

The following is a list of recommended articles for your Emergency Kit: flashlight, whistle, knife, first aid kit, emergency rations, drinking water, dry clothing.

First Aid Kit

All boaters should take a first aid course and be familiar with basic first aid procedures. There are many courses available.

Assistance is not always available on the water and your actions could save a life.

Spare Parts

The prudent boater will carry spare parts needed for the safe mechanical operation of their vessel's propulsion system. These could include such items as spark plugs, belts, hoses and clamps.

The operator should also have an engine and equipment manual on board that outlines troubleshooting and repair procedures.

Radar Reflector

A Radar Reflector ensures other ships carrying radar can see you. It shall be carried by pleasure craft that are less than 20m and constructed primarily of non-metallic material.

It must be mounted at least 4m above the water and it must be deployed at all times unless the size and shape of the boat make it impractical.

It need not be deployed where limited traffic conditions, favourable weather and daylight make it unnecessary for the safe operation of the boat.

In an emergency, a radar reflector can be constructed out of aluminum pie plates.

Other Items

Operators should also be prepared for the possibility of leaks and holes and should carry on board items that can be used to plug holes in the hull.

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