Pennsylvania Boating License

Those unfamiliar with Pennsylvania often have an image of the state very much defined by the iconic urban nature of its two greatest cities: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, however, is a huge state brimming with wildlife, natural habitats, great lakes, raging rivers, tranquil streams and quaint fishing ponds. In fact, it attracts anglers, boaters and hunters year-round from all over North America and the world. There are nearly 150 large marinas all throughout the state that provide access to the Atlantic Ocean as well as Pennsylvania's various great rivers and lakes. There are also countless smaller marinas and boat ramps that provide access to the smaller waterways.

Lake Wallenpaupack, which is 13 miles long and one of the largest lakes in the state, is one of Pennsylvania's most popular boating destinations. The lake has a marina, charters, lodges, campsites and the like, and it allows for motorboats, jet skis, sailboats, fishing boats, rafts and more. The area is so beautiful and preserved, in fact, that there are even tour boats that navigate the entire lake. Visitors can bring their own boats and unload them at the ramps, or they can rent a boat from the charters by the day or for longer periods. Other popular boating destinations in Pennsylvania include the Delaware River, which runs through the state, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer months, the ocean marinas are alive with cruises, recreational boating and boating events of all kinds.

Pennsylvania Boat License: Boating Safety Education Certificate

The Pennsylvania Boat License is required for anyone 12 and older who operates a personal watercraft, as well as anyone born on or after January 1, 1982 who operates a motorized boat greater than 25hp.

  • Free boat safety course online
  • Fully narrated and interactive (over 150 animations)
  • Boat license test approved by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
  • $34.95, paid only when you pass the course
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