Washington Boating License

In the Pacific Northwest, Washington sits just below British Columbia and directly above Oregon. Like both of those areas, Washington is famous for its stunning vistas and magical boating experiences. Many visitors, especially the first-timers, like to be by the border, particularly at the western end. This way they can experience the best boating and fishing the area has to offer, and they get to experience the subtle contrast between Canada and the US in this region. Washington also offers a wide range of lakes, rivers and other waterways. Due to Washington's diverse geography, there are some truly unique experiences inland, including whitewater rapids and scenic boat tours.

The most alluring aspects of Washington boating, however, are no doubt all the opportunities available off the coast. The area hosts several amazing marinas that include cruises, tours, charters, lodging, restaurants and many other entertainment opportunities. Visitors can bring their own boat, or they can rent from one of the charters or the fishing outfitters. Adventurous boaters can have an amazing experience exploring all the great features of the Washington coast, as well as its many hidden nooks and crannies. Tours include fishing excursions and whale watching. Inland, tours include historic, scenic and entertainment-based riverboats. Outfitters along the rivers offer fishing and sightseeing as well as whitewater and tranquil canoeing, kayaking, rafting and tubing.

Washington Boat License: Boater Education Card

As of 2011, persons 35 years of age and younger need a Washington Boat License to operate a powered boat on Washington's waters. However mandatory education is being phased in - by the year 2015, most boaters will need the Washington boat license.

  • Free boat safety course online
  • Fully narrated and interactive (over 150 animated videos)
  • Boat license test approved by Washington State Parks
  • $29.95, paid only when you pass the test
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